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Canadian Nationwide Vehicle Shipping

Canadian Vehicle Shipping offers an unbeatable car delivery service that comes unmatched by any nationwide vehicle shipping company. Part of the Coronation Van Lines Inc. brand, our nationwide vehicle shipping service branch builds further on the successful foundation laid before it.  Canadian Vehicle Shipping prides itself in giving supreme car shipping within Canada and internationally.

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How We Travel

Canadian Vehicle Shipping offers an abundance of car transport services to ensure your car transport in Canada happens swiftly and securely. We offer several forms of transportation:

  •   Enclosed Car Transportation
  •   Interstate Car Transportation
  •   Car Transport by Rail

Each of these methods utilizes an open-cased truck, enclosed case trick or a train to do your vehicle hauling safely and securely.

Our nationwide vehicle shipping company utilizes each method varying on how we feel it will benefit you, which varies according to your car shipping time and location. Our international auto shipping often uses auto transport by train – especially when crossing Canadian or American borders. We have paired with Alpine Auto Transport to help get your car from point A to point B with little discrepancy.

If the city or state you are transporting your car to with our nationwide vehicle shipping company is located farther from an Alpine Auto Transport, we will then utilize an enclosed car transport truck to move your car from the rail station to your chosen destination.

Our nationwide vehicle shipping company, included exotic car transport, cheap car shipping, motorcycle shipping, military discount car shipping, classic car transportation and even car transport by rail. International auto shipping is a synch for us as well; all you need to do is ask about one of these services.